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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Good Guy Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

Raymond Papellero, a Pizza Hut delivery rider from the Philippines, known as a Good Samaritan who buys bread in bulk to give away to the poor and needy.

Papellero's good deed started when he saw two street children crying on one of his delivery trips.

“Nakakita po ako ng pamilya sa kalsada, tapos ’yung dalawang anak, umiiyak. Siguro nagugutom, kaya naisip ko na bumili ng tinapay para ibigay sa kanila. Naranasan ko rin po kasi ’yung ganoong gutom nung bata pa ako kaya alam ko ’yung pakiramdam ( I saw a family on the street with their two kids crying. They're probably hungry so I thought I would buy them some bread. I've experienced hunger so I know how those two kids feel )", recounts Papellero.

Since then, Papellero has been buying bread in bulk to give to people he runs into during and after his delivery trips.

Papellero is a father of three and has a wife who is pregnant.

Papellero sets aside a little bit of what he makes to buy bread and if the tips from the customers are good, he buys some more.

Papellero says that it always warms his heart whenever people thank him.

In recognition, Pizza Hut gave Raymond Papellero cash assistance of P10,000 for his good deed.

 "I pray that with the few pieces of bread I’m giving to these people, I am helping them to go on not feeling hungry, even for just a few hours,” Papellero said.