Monday, March 21, 2016

Man Chokes to Death on Chicken Wings

Photo Courtesy of @Menang5Miliar

Fredy Jayadi, a 45-year old man from Indonesia, passed away after choking on chicken wings at a KFC eating contest organised by O2 Accion together with KFC.

Fredy was one of three contestants competing for the $1bn rupiah or $7,602 prize money at the Eat or Treat event at KFC Taman Semanan at Duri Kosambo in West Jakart, Indonesia.
According to Jakarta Post, Jayadi had just finished his third chicken wing when he started choking. He attempted to dislodge the piece of chicken by drinking water but to no avail.  He was taken to a nearby clinic.
Public Relation officer of KFC Indonesia , Abdul Wahab, told reporters that KFC only provided the venue but did not have anything to do with the eating competition.

Source: Indonesia

Heimlich maneuver on self

If you are choking on something, you can perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself.
Follow these steps:

-Make a fist with one hand. Place your thumb of this hand below your rib cage and above your navel.

-Grasp your fist with your other hand. Press your fist into the area with a quick upward movement.

-You can also lean over a table edge, chair, or railing. Quickly thrust your upper belly area (upper abdomen) against the edge.

-If you need to, you should repeat this motion until the object blocking your airway comes out.

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