Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mega Man X Action Figure from TruForce Collectibles

The Mega Man Network just revealed that TruForce Collectibles has just acquired the license to produce a new Mega Man X action figure and will add unique designs of their own.

TMMN has taken several photographs of Tru Force Collectibles' prototype action figure of Mega Man X

TruForce Collectibles is an up-and-coming collectibles company that
was created to bring toy collectors from around the world, incredible representations of their favorite characters in action figure format!
This image is from their Facebook account

According to the website TMMN, the new Mega Man X action figure will stand at 15 centimetres high and also designed by Capcom artist Keisuke Mizuno. A few parts of the action figure will be customizeable

In the areas of customization, you'll find two pairs of hands (open and closed-fisted), a second "shouting" face you can swap in, changeable back thrusters (closed and opened), LED functionality in the X-Buster (which can be equipped on either arm), and a blast effect part that will slot into the cannon (though they're still sorting that out in terms of how it works).

The price hasn't been set yet and capital funding is probably going to be needed from other sources so the company, TruForce Collectibles, is thinking of using Kickstarter to help manage the funding issue. You can follow TruForce Collectibles on Twitter or appreciate their work with a like on Facebook

Bandai Mega Man X Full Armor - D-Arts

If you are more of a classic Mega Man fan, here is a statue of the awesome blue robot Mega Man Running Mega Man 13-inch statue

This is a limited edition of 1000 pieces only. The Running Mega Man comes with a certificate of authenticity and individually hand-numbered base.

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