Let's Rock! - Executed man's last words

Tennessee man uttered "Let's Rock"  when asked if he had any final last words.

Edmund Zagorski, 63, was sentenced to death after being convicted of double murder in April of 1983. Prosecutors said Zagorski shot and then slit John Dotson and Jimmy Porter's throats after robbing them when they came to him to buy marijuana.

A reporter who witnessed the execution said that Zagorski was seen smiling as his face was shrouded with a sponge placed on his head. His fists clenched when electricity was applied and his body appeared to rise. His lifeless body was seen motionless after the procedure was over.
Weeks prior to the execution, Edmund Zagorski, was supposed to get the lethal injection as opposed to the electric chair. Zagorski opted for the latter as he thought it was a more humane way of dying, quicker and less painful.

“He did so not because he thought that it was a humane way to die, but because he thought that the three-drug cocktail that Tennessee had planned to use was even worse,” - Justice Sonia Sotomayor said in the statement
 Zagorski had been on death row for 34 years, second-longest in Tennessee.

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