Biggie Smalls the Bulldog Gnaws off Owner's Junk

  A 22-year old man from Haddington, East Lothian in Scotland was found by Emergency crews unconscious on the floor lying in a pool of blood. He was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where doctors found his penis and scrotum ripped off. The young man was placed in induced coma as his injuries were extreme enough to be considered life threatening

  Initially, the young man told the cops that he was held down by a friend and had a dog gnaw off his sex organ. Later on, he confessed that he actually smeared peanut butter on his penis and scrotum for his dog named Biggie Smalls to lick off of him. The doctors couldn't reattach his genitals as it is believed that Biggie Smalls had eaten it.

Here is the picture of the culprit:

Photo courtesy of The Sun UK

According to neighbours

“He isn’t aggressive or anything, and he’s quite small. He’s fine with other dogs. The dog is an absolute angel. I was happy to be around him.
“He gets a bit freaked out by noise but he loves having his belly rubbed.”

The dog was later put down.

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